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UX & IA have been at the heart of every project I have worked on since I started to work in web 7 years ago. I have led my own team as a freelancer and worked within teams at digital agencies. I have experience in working with clients, stakeholders, project managers, creative directors, technical directors, designers and developers.






My expertise lies in understanding the needs of website users and translating them to viable design concepts.

I am the founder of two User Experience related websites Principles of UX and UX pledge.

I have come up with a couple of innovative ideas for Wireframes/Prototypes, User Flows/User Journeys, Sitemaps and Personas.

I am avid user of Axure, proto.io and Adobe Illustrator.

I have been involved in the making of high profile eCommerce, membership and mobile websites. Clients ranged from banking to PR, through law, health care, marketing, sports, training, motor trade to property.

My 7 years of professional experience in web design, web development, branding, marketing and business makes me a cross-discipline professional and gives me a good insight into what do website users look for.

I keep my knowledge updated by reading contemporary UX magazines.



I’ve been designing and developing websites for small businesses for approximately 6 years and I’ve learnt a lot from this experience. It started with one of my German friend who invited me to Germany and he wanted to teach me C++ and database programming. I was lost in the code and I felt that this type of work is too dry for me since databases in general are not visually appealing.

He then suggested to give HTML a try. So I started learning HTML and I was fascinated. I’ve learnt that since I’m a creative type I constantly need to be visually entertained. I could instantly see the results of my work. How great that is! Shortly thereafter I learnt CSS, and later on I learnt a little JavaScript, MySQL and PHP. Finally, I stumbled upon WordPress and my life changed. I was able to create websites instantly and I was able to edit them without being a MySQL pro. Did I tell you that I dig WordPress?


Why UX

Throughout the years I realised that my main strengths are the following: seeing the big picture, simplifying things, organising and solving problems by ideas. This is why I started to show interest in the field of User Experience Design. I feel that I have at last found a field that harnesses most of my talents and skills (however not all).



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